Local 617 Election Results

The Election Committee would like to announce the new officers and board members for Local 617 Workers United, SEIU.

The majority of the votes that were cast in the mail ballot election on August 11th for President were in favor of Lorenzo Hall. Therefore, the election committee on August 11th, 2016 declared Mr. Hall to be Local 617’s president. Mr. Ricks, a candidate for President of Local 617, has appealed the election committee declaration and the committee will decide on that appeal.

President of Local 617: Lorenzo Hall

  The other Officers and Board Members of Local 617 were determined by nomination without contest on June 25th, 2016.

Marvin Bowman- Vice- President – Newark Housing Authority

Darrell Dowling- Executive Board Member

Phillip Spears- Executive Board Member

Quawee A. Elmore- Executive Board Member

Craig Ashford- Executive Board Member

Golden Carson- Executive Board Member

Anthony Baskerville- Executive Board Member

Zakiyyah Walker – Executive Board Member


Congratulations to all of the Officers and Board Members.

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