A Letter to Local 617 Members

Bill Lloyd and Bob Kirkman
SEIU Local 617 Trustees
452 Washington Street
Newark, NJ 07102

February 10, 2015

Members of SEIU Local 617
Newark, NJ

Dear Local 617 Member:

We are writing to share some important information regarding your Local Union, SEIU Local 617.

On February 9, 2015, pursuant to her authority under Article VIII, Section 7 of the SEIU Constitution and Bylaws and applicable federal law, SEIU International President Mary Kay Henry placed Local 617 into an emergency trusteeship and appointed us—Bill Lloyd and Bob Kirkman—as Trustees to take charge and control of Local 617. A copy of the Trusteeship Order is attached. Following a leadership change at Local 617 last year, President Henry appointed us as her Personal Representatives to Local 617 to assist the local with carrying out its priorities and commitments, so we had an opportunity to work with many of you in that capacity.

In accordance with the SEIU Constitution and the Trusteeship Order, all officers, Executive Board members, and trustees of Local 617 have been removed from any and all elected or appointed positions they held in Local 617, from any trustee, delegate or other position that they had representing Local 617, and from any other position they had as a representative or agent of Local 617 in any organization or entity, whether within or outside of SEIU. This action is necessary to enable us to take full charge of the affairs of Local 617.

No Local 617 stewards have been removed from their positions and we urge all stewards to contact us immediately, so there is no interruption in services provided to our members. During the trusteeship, all matters related to the representation of Local 617 members, including collective bargaining matters, are being handled under our direction.

This moment will be challenging, but it also presents an enormous opportunity to strengthen Local 617. For generations, public service workers have played a critical role in the lives of every American. Your hard work and dedication keep our communities running and keep them safe. Yet, as you know better than anyone, working men and women in the public sector are under attack—from far-right politicians, and from the corporations and anti-worker bosses that bankroll them. When we are informed, organized and committed to action, we can fight back and we can win. This is why Local 617 must fulfill its promise as a powerhouse of worker solidarity and action.

The SEIU Constitution and the Trusteeship Order assign us the sole authority to make the appointments that we deem necessary and appropriate, in the exercise of our discretion, to assist in administering the affairs of Local 617 during the trusteeship. While all elected positions have been dissolved, it is our intention to appoint a Member Advisory Committee that will be an avenue for member input and guidance.

Please check our new web page www.seiu617.org for information and updates. If you have questions about the trusteeship or any other matter involving Local 617, you can reach us at the Local 617 offices, 452 Washington Street, Newark, NJ 07102, by phone at (973) 643-8080 or by email at lbill39@yahoo.com and Bob.Kirkman@seiu.org.

We look forward to working with you to make Local 617 all that it can be. We are stronger together.

Bill Lloyd

Bob Kirkman

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